Book about Kenesary Khan presented in capital

07.06.2022, 18:41

A book dedicated to Kenesary Khan was presented in Nur-Sultan. The work includes a collection of legends, historical poems and scientific studies that talk about the life, work, personality and character of the last khan of the Kazakh Khanate and his associates - batyrs Nauryzbai, Sarzhan and Yessengeldi. The book contains data on campaigns and large battles of that time. There were many historical conjectures about the victories and exploits of Khan Kenesary, but this publication allows readers to look at the events and draw conclusions based on the collected rare archival information.

“The book contains scientifically substantiated archival data found by our scientists, historians and academicians who study the heroism and life of Kenesary Kasymuly, written on historical basis. Therefore, future generations will need this valuable and timely published work. I think research on the life and work of Kenesary will continue,” said Zhabal Yergaliyev, a writer.



Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova