Referendum 2022: Germany, Georgia note high voter turnout among Kazakh citizens

06.06.2022, 12:20

Kazakh citizens living in Germany took an active part in the national referendum. According to the precinct commission, the voter turnout was 85 percent. Among the voters were students, citizens who work on the territory of this country, diplomats and their families. Two polling stations were available for Kazakh citizens. The first one was at the Kazakh Embassy in Berlin and the second – at the Consulate General in Frankfurt.

“On the most important day for Kazakhstan, we took part in the referendum to do our civic duty. Despite the weekend, we decided to vote with the whole family. Children also came with us. We wanted to set a good example for them. We cast our votes, my daughter helped,” noted Ainur Matayeva, resident of Berlin.

“My arrival coincided with the referendum. I wanted to express my opinion here far from Kazakhstan. Therefore, we came to vote with great pleasure,” said a Kazakh tourist.

Voter turnout at the referendum jumped to a record high in Georgia. According to statistics, 100 percent of Kazakh citizens living there cast their votes. This is despite the fact that the only polling station was located in Tbilisi, and some voters had to travel several hours to express their opinion and vote.

“Kazakh citizens who are in Georgia voted at the polling station no. 277 at the Kazakh Embassy in Tbilisi. In addition to citizens in the consular register, tourists from Kazakhstan vacationing in cities of Borjomi and Batumi also came to cast their vote. Despite the long distances, our citizens actively started to vote from 7 a.m. The voter turnout was 100 percent. I would like to note that this is the first time in Tbilisi,” noted Zhazira Myrzakassimova, Chairperson of the Precinct Commission no. 277 at Kazakh Embassy in Georgia.



Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova