Over 100 children in need of special care visit cultural sites in Burabai

02.06.2022, 15:45

The excursion around Burabai National Park was organized for more than 100 kids with special needs. The children got to visit the Botai-Burabai Open-Air Museum, multimedia interactive complex on the Abylai khan glade, as well as a visit center of the popular resort of Akmola region.

“According to a number of scientists, historians, these places are sacred. They have a special energy. That energy fuels our parents and our children. Considering names of those children that visited starting from 2009, this has a positive effect on them. It expands their worldview and fruitfully affects their health. Accordingly, their nervous system calms, more or less, down,” said Amangeldy Kaiyrbekov, Director, ‘Kulynshak’ Children’s Charity Fund.

Interactive activities were one of the components of the exciting trip. Digital games in the form of battles, horse race and archery helped the children to plunge into the rich history of our country. Children could take an unforgettable 5D trip around the most picturesque places of the country on the Samruk Bird’s Flight attraction.

“I think it is important for our children to learn the chronicles of our country and understand the environment. A huge gratitude to the event organizers for such an exciting holiday for our children. The children are very happy to learn about the flora and fauna of the national park,” said Zulfiya Tleuova, a mother of many children.

The event was organized by Kulynshak Fund, and was supported by the Office of the President of Kazakhstan.


Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova