Famous scientist and turcologist Myrzatai Zholdasbekov turns 85

27.05.2022, 18:12

He wrote many works on the state language, the history of the Kazakh people, the development of Kazakh literature and folklore since ancient times - a well-known Kazakh Turkologist, statesman and public figure Myrzatai Zholdasbekov turned 85 years old! An international scientific and practical conference entitled ‘Monuments of Turkic Writing: Language, History and Culture’ was held to mark his anniversary. The event was attended by intellectuals, writers and students. They especially emphasized the multifaceted talent of the scientist. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, in his congratulatory telegram to Zholdasbekov, noted his great contribution to the enhancement of the authority and prestige of Kazakhstan.

“His works are known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. For example, a large atlas of Orkhon inscriptions is published in three languages, namely Kazakh, Russian and English. Thanks to such works, more and more people learn about the Turkic world in the Eurasian space. Myrzatai Zholdasbekov made a great contribution to science and his works are themselves the subject of new research,” said Tlegen Sadykov, a PhD in History.

“In the early years of Independence, when he served as the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, he initiated a large-scale event. It was the first world kurultai of Kazakhs. It was attended by representatives of all Kazakh diasporas from abroad. This man is still full of strength, knowledge and energy. I think that his life path and his multifaceted personality are a role model for the younger generation,” added another History PhD Tursynkhan Zaken.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova