Unique exhibition uniting three genres takes place in capital of Kazakhstan

11.05.2022, 16:04

A member of Kazakhstan’s Union of Artists Botagoz Tolesh opened her exhibition “Renewal” in the Kazakh capital. The exposition aims at increasing the interest of young masters in the art of tapestry weaving, as well as in painting and graphics. The artist, who has mastered several genres already, is famous not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. Her works were exhibited at prestigious venues in Bulgaria, Turkey and Poland, and are also part of private collections in the UK, the US and Italy. According to the artist, art is universal. If you give it freedom, it will result in creation of unique works that will find a place in the hearts of people.

“Creativity is freedom. It is an expansion of the worldview; it is freedom, the main thing here is, of course, freedom. Maybe that’s why I’m interested in tapestries, graphics, fine art, oil paints, acrylics and watercolors. There are about 20 tapestries, more than 10 graphic works and 25-30 paintings,” said Botagoz Tolesh, an artist.



Translation and editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova