Mural with image of Kassym Khan appears in Almaty

11.05.2022, 10:00

A mural with the image of Kassym Khan appeared on the facade of one of the buildings in Almaty. The huge colorful art object can be seen at the intersection of Kabdolov and Utegen Batyr streets. It took about a week for the young artists Karina Azimzhanova and Gafura Kairbekova to create the painting. The street art was made on the initiative of the ‘Kazakhfilm’ studio dedicated to the release of the historical action drama ‘The Dawn of the Great Steppe’. The film will be released nationwide on May 12. The movie tells about the reign of Kassym Khan, the son of Zhanibek. Under his rule, the Kazakh Khanate flourished and established control over the vast territories of the Eastern Desht-I-Kipchak.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova