Development of military doctrine under way in Kazakhstan

03.05.2022, 17:34

Work on the development of military doctrine is underway in Kazakhstan. The set of measures is aimed at developing the management system, training, improving the technical equipment of the Armed Forces, as well as at reforming military education and science, said Kazakh Deputy Minister of Defense Sultan Kamaletdinov. In addition, it is expected that the country’s arsenal will soon be replenished with modern and high-tech weapons and military equipment.

“Of course, preference is given to the domestic defense industrial complex. Everything is focused on the products manufactured at domestic enterprises. The main criteria are the reduction of import dependence, as well as the optimal ratio of price and quality. In this area, we have established working relationship with the country’s Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development,” Kamaletdinov said.

In addition, the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan is interested in increasing funding for research and development work to create modern types of weapons.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova