Kazakhstan willing to produce its own dubbing of Hollywood films

29.04.2022, 16:58

Kazakh studios are willing to translate foreign films into Kazakh and Russian languages. Moreover, they intend to produce their own dub of Hollywood films. The withdrawal of US film studios from the Russian market let Kazakhstan to have a niche in this field. This will not only give the country the opportunity to directly work with Hollywood, but also enter the market of neighboring countries, experts said. Most major foreign film studios are ready to provide their films to Kazakhstan directly. For this, the studios need to prepare staff and voice actors.

“Speaking of anime, we need to understand what is being said in Japanese when dubbing. Those actors who will subsequently perform voice-over in Kazakh have to understand it as well. We need to carefully check everything, and then adapt a product to our market. Japanese language, like all, has its idioms. They must be localized. For example, many people won’t understand what means ‘sakura tree blossomed’. If we localize it to the Kazakh language, it will mean that spring has come,” noted voice actor Sanzhar Myrzakhanuly.

 ‘Kazakhfilm’ studio is looking for new voice actors. They consider people with good articulation and with no accent. They receive applications from abroad.

“I believe that it will be an excellent start for Kazakh dubbing as a whole. I think that the voices of our actors must be recognizable. We should reach a higher level to promote our industry,” added voice actress Assel Dosmukhamed.



Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova