Collection of young numismatist from Kazakhstan contains about 400 old coins

28.04.2022, 12:51

The Polish coin issued in 1738, the Bukhara coin of the seventh and eighth centuries - these valuable samples and more are in the collection of Leonid Yarukhin from Almaty. There are also coins from the Soviet period, investment ones and ones issued by the National Bank of Kazakhstan. At present, a teenager has almost 400 samples. He can tell everything about each of them.

“When I first started collecting, I showcased my coins on YouTube. There I was noticed by one numismatist, who also walks with a metal detector. He is from Moscow in Russia. He asked one of my friends for my address and sent me 15 coins as a gift. At that moment my interest in numismatics grew even greater, I became even more interested in this hobby. So that’s when I got serious about coins,” said Leonid Yarukhin, a numismatist.

“He works with a metal detector. It’s just for fun, but, of course, we legitimized it. We did everything properly. So we joined the Yel Dala society headed by Yerlan Kolumbayev. And we also went with my son to Balkhash,” said Mikhail Yarukhin, Leonid's Father.

Before each trip for a relic, the boy pre-studies the area. At what points in history there were trade routes, camping nomads or travelers. The school where Leonid goes to organized an exposition of his finds in the museum. Arrowheads, fragments of jugs and much more are showcased there. Now the young explorer dreams of finding an ancient treasure.



Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova