‘Tomiris’ Student Film Festival to take place in Kazakh capital

27.04.2022, 12:42

The third international student film festival ‘Tomiris’ is taking place in Kazakhstan’s capital. 53 movies in various genres from live action to animated films take part in the competition program this year. Young film directors from 7 countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, France, Czech Republic and South Korea presented their works. The contestants will be able to compete in both international and national nominations. The best works will be selected by well-known foreign and domestic screenwriters and film critics.

“What does a quality film mean? It must present an interesting and relevant theme. The second criterion is an art quality. Nowadays, anyone can take a camera and film anything, any story. The cinematic language shows whether it has the artistic value and whether a film director has the potential to make films, series in the future. Is it working out well? Did he succeed in finding a good producer, a cameraman, actors? All this comprise the art quality,” noted Jury Chairperson Gulnara Abikeyeva.

“I am presenting the film that I made more than two years ago. It got a second wind and now it is competing in the international festival after quarantine period. It means a lot to me. This work tells about the events in December, 1986. I made it during my first year at the university. The film has recently become relevant,” said Adlet Yessim, film festival contestant.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova