Constitutional amendments - new chapter in history of independent Kazakhstan

25.04.2022, 16:34

The concept of ‘death penalty’ is excluded from the country's Basic Law, the Constitution. Last year, such capital punishment was abolished in the Criminal Code and other laws of Kazakhstan. These and other amendments and additions to the Constitution were announced during a special briefing. The changes will also affect the Constitutional Council. It will be replaced by the Constitutional Court, which will allow Kazakh citizens to directly appeal there. This practice is successfully applied in 70 countries. There are a number of changes related to the formation of the parliament and its activities. Support was thus expressed for the adoption of constitutional laws at a joint session of the chambers.

“If the constitutional amendments are adopted, a solid legal basis will be created for the implementation of the idea of ​​the Second Republic by the Head of State. Relationships, interaction mechanisms and accountability of state institutions to the population will increase in the political legal system. Overall, the implementation of the Head of State’s ideas will make it possible to effectively develop the legal system in accordance with the Constitution, strengthen guarantees of the constitutional rights of citizens and the rule of law in the country, and increase public confidence in state institutions,” said Bakyt Nurmukhanov, member of the working group, Secretary General of Constitutional Council.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova