Exhibition entitled ‘Poetry of Color’ takes place in Kazakh capital

25.04.2022, 14:29

100 bright works in the ‘Poetry of color’. A personal exhibition of Kazakh artist Bakytnur Burdesbekov takes place in the capital. Each visitor to the exposition gets the opportunity to plunge into the amazing, living and expressive world of painting. Vibrant colors combined with simple, literally flying images are recognizable style of the artist, his colleagues said.

“As an artist, Bakytnur is a man of many interests, especially in technologies and painting. He started his career with watercolor paintings. I think that watercolor is still his favorite thing, since it can convey all his lyrical thoughts and knowledge. It is a ductile material, it has flow and compilation properties, it is gentle and thin. Moreover, he is engaged in oil painting now. In these searches, he came to some kind of modernism, surrealism, so to speak. He very gently, lyrically, beautifully perceives it all,” noted Yerlan Aituarov, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan.

The artist’s works have long won the hearts of art connoisseurs across the world. Bakytnur Burdesbekov often participates in the most prestigious foreign exhibitions.

“I’m holding an exhibition in Berlin now. It opened on February 4 and is currently underway. 30 works are exhibited there. I held exhibitions of my works twice in the U.S., and several times in France, as well as in UK and Belgium. The last exhibition was held in Korea. I even exhibited my works in Japan,” Burdesbekov said.

There are paintings with colorful landscapes and portraits, reflecting the national color and rich history. According to the organizers, the exposition organized in the national museum will last a month.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova