Opening of ‘Tungysh’ traveling excursion project takes place in Nur-Sultan

19.04.2022, 12:12

Over 100 unique exhibits from the collection of the First President’s Library were displayed at an exhibition in Kazakhstan’s capital. It opened at the Astana IT University, and became a part of the ‘Tungysh’ excursion project. The exceptional exposition combines a complex of museum objects, including samples of decorative and fine arts, national military equipment, as well as gifts from different heads of states in the form of felt carpets and chapans.

“During such blitz tours, we show fragments of the collections that, as we can see, generate interest among visitors. They are willing to find information on the website, watch videos on YouTube or come to the excursion. Then we plan to go to the cadet school, which is located in the Shchuchinsk city. We are making this project for children in kindergartens as well,” said Kulyaisha Aktayeva, Deputy Director of the Library of First President of Kazakhstan.

A whole series of lectures and thematic excursions are expected to be organized as part of the project for students. They will be dedicated to the Saka culture, the annals of watchmaking and the history of photographic engineering.

“These thematic excursions are held in three languages, Kazakh, Russian and English. It is the first experience in the library of the First President, as far as I know. The topics are diverse. I think that this exhibition will give many young people, our students, the realization that they should know the history and traditions. They will familiarize themselves with the exhibits of fine art, applied art, and will take a fresh look at our history,” noted Arman Kenzhebekov, spokesperson for the Astana IT University.

The project is dedicated to the day of the Institute of Presidency in the country, which is celebrated on April 24.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova