Professional musicians and aspiring artists to perform on same stage

18.04.2022, 18:42

Pavlodar schoolchildren will now be able to share the stage with eminent musicians. The regional philharmonic society has launched a special project ‘Samga’. Its goal is to unite creative teams with novice performers. Anel Sadvakassova also decided to take part in the project. The aspiring singer believes that this is a unique opportunity for professional growth.

“This is my third rehearsal. I really like it. It's so interesting to be around professional musicians. I’ll be coming to the Philharmonic all the time. I really want to be on stage,” said Anel Sadvakassova, a music school student.

“Indeed, during the rehearsals we can talk with professional musicians, and, metaphorically speaking, hear the full power of the Pavlodar Philharmonic. During the rehearsals of such a large-scale project and a big concert, we have the opportunity to sing in the choir room and even go backstage,” said Anastassiya Borissenko, a music school student.

The preparation for the upcoming performance is now in full swing in the philharmonic. In total, more than ten concerts are planned for this music season.

“We must raise children on a big stage. It is important to pass on the experience of senior mentors to them. That is how we can support talented young people and give them the opportunity to do music professionally and perform on a big stage,” said Amangeldi Kozhanov, the Director of the Pavlodar regional Philharmonic.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova