Experts: social sphere of prime concern for Head of State

12.01.2022, 12:46

Kazakh citizens continue to discuss the speech of Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev. Experts in various fields noticed the social dimension of the reforms proposed by the Head of State. Thus, the Fund for the People of Kazakhstan is expected to become a unique project in terms of importance. It can become an effective mechanism for addressing acute social problems in the country. The need for this is long overdue, so the decision of the country’s President came in handy, says Ramazan Sarpekov, Director of the Institute of Legislation and Legal Information.

“We already have so many funds in Kazakhstan, but this Fund is designed to work directly for people, including socially vulnerable groups and students, without any intricate ways. It will also assist citizens in the process of getting medical treatment. We all know that a critical situation may arise in the life of every citizen, and once facing it people run to the Health Ministry, or somewhere else. So they end up wasting a lot of time. I believe that other political bodies will be involved and action programs identified to facilitate such issues. And hopefully things will get better,” said Ramazan Sarpekov, Director, Institute of Legislation and Legal Information of Kazakhstan.

The Head of State has repeatedly stressed the importance of dialogue between the state and the population. The day before, he instructed all officials to travel to the regions more often. The initiative was also supported by the civil sector.

“It is now necessary to receive more feedback from the people, to hold meetings with them, talk and provide information on that state policy, that vector of direction, which the state is following in a language they understand. Social partnership is exactly the same universal platform where it is necessary to form the very key dialogue platforms,” said Tolegen Kunadilov, Chief of Staff, Trade Union of Nur-Sultan.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova and Saule Mukhamejanova