Flags of Kazakhstan’s diplomatic missions flown at half mast

10.01.2022, 13:41

In memory of the killed soldiers and civilians, our compatriots around the world express their condolences and lay flowers at the buildings of the embassies. Representatives of the Kazakh diaspora in Kiev also expressed their support.

“We have been living in Kiev for several years. We have witnessed such fighting. The Kazakhs living here are sure that together we are strong, cohesion is very important for the enemy to retreat. We keep in touch, helping each other, helping our compatriots who cannot fly away with food and housing,” said Almagul Kenzhebayeva, a representative of Kazakh Diaspora in Ukraine.

In connection with the mourning, Kazakhstan’s flag was lowered over the buildings of the embassy in Turkey and the general consulates in Istanbul and Antalya. Local residents and our compatriots gathered near the representative office of Kazakhstan to express words of support.


Translation and editing by Saule Mukhamejanova