Experts call for trusting only official sources

09.01.2022, 21:19

International media outlets cover the situation in Kazakhstan as well. However, domestic experts advise to analyze the information published by foreign colleagues. According to the famous journalist and expert Rakhim Oshakbayev, false and incorrectly interpreted information is frequently found among popular news now. Experts believe that now you need to trust only official sources of information.

“Lots of Western observers, they’re afraid that the influence of Russia, and Russian troops, troops from CSTO peacemakers, which came to Kazakhstan, it means the expansion of this Russian influence. My opinion, definitely, because I know that the mandate of these peacemakers is quite limited in time, so, only during the crisis. And we have about 1,000 soldiers from Russia, and from other countries of CSTO. After the crisis, there is no doubt that all foreign soldiers will leave Kazakhstan,” said Rakhim Oshakbayev, an expert.

“I have friends of mine from the abroad that were sending me links to these Western medias, and when I saw their headlines I immediately thought that they are showing one part of the situation, which would possibly be negative and it might not reflect the full picture of the situation. So me myself living here and seeing the official information, having this opinion that we might think to wait for the whole situation to stabilize, but at the same time having this different ideas that might not be true circulating might mislead people and the population that are searching the news, so I propose to approach all the information with caution,” said Ulybek Kimanov, a member of Presidential Youth Staff Reserve.