20,000 Kazakh residents reported to call 1414 hotline

09.01.2022, 17:58

20,000 Kazakh citizens contacted the 1414 hotline. They were mostly citizens who had suffered from terrorist attacks, lost family members and experienced psycho-emotional difficulties.

“The calls come mainly from Almaty, since most of the inquiries are related to what is currently happening in that city. The information vacuum causes people to experience great anxiety and stressful situations. They tend to have more panic attacks and may not know what to do in this situation,” said Yerlan Mustafin, a psychologist.

“We have information about the patients and information from the police. So, if relatives of the missing persons call us, we try to promptly help them or record their contacts in order to provide all information later. 126 people have already been found with the help of the contact center,” said Bekbolat Moldabekov, Deputy Chairperson, Public Services Committee.

Citizens also call the unified contact center to report illegal actions. In total, more than 350 such calls were received.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova