Situation in Aktau stabilized

08.01.2022, 16:35

The rally in Aktau is completely over. It is now all quiet and calm in the Yntymak city square, where residents gathered for several days. The people dispersed, the yurts were dismantled, all the fences were removed and the previously blocked road was opened. The city returned to its former life. Public transport has also resumed its services. The local residents are happy that the situation has returned to normal.

“I want to say a lot of thanks to our people, all they did was just announce their needs, were heard and did nothing beyond. It was peaceful, not like in Almaty. I wish all the residents of Almaty patience and health. Indeed, our local residents did very well. I can only thank them that they have taken to the streets, achieved success and ended it peacefully,” said one of the residents.

“The roads are open, the shops are open, the bazaar is open, what else is needed? We’re fine!” added another.

“The roads are open again, the yurts have been dismantled, we did not really feel anything. I live in the house number 21. All the guys were cultured and well-mannered, they weren't drunk, everything was fine. Nobody raised a rumpus. They asked us for water. Since I live on the first floor, we filled cans of water for them so that they could have some tea. I felt sorry for them, as it was very cold outside,” commented another resident.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhaova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova