Kazakhstan holds funeral service for killed guardsmen

08.01.2022, 17:14

Kazakhstan bade final farewell to guardsmen Madiyar Kaissarov and Aibat Amanov. Both were killed in the line of duty during mass riots. Madiyar Kaissarov carried out military task on restoring public order in Kyzylorda city. The guardsman Aibat Amanov was killed in a fight with looters in Taldykorgan city. 20-year-old Madiyar Kaissarov and 19-year-old Aibat Amanov were buried with full military honors.

“The servicemen were in battle formation, carrying out tasks to restore constitutional order in these settlements. They stood in battle formations against the outrageous crowd, which was armed with stones and rebar. They fulfilled their missions with honor at the cost of their lives, being faithful to their military duty, constitutional duty. The servicemen have shown a true example of heroism,” said Kanat Belyakov, Deputy Commander of the ‘Ortalyk’ Regional Command.

“He served for six months. We already were planning the welcome back party, thought to invite all the guys, and then, out of the blue, we received such a blow. It is very, very hard to bury your own son. I call on Kazakhstan, Kazakh people: calm down, quiet down. We are losing our children,” shared Orazaly Kaisaruly, father of one of the killed guardsmen.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova