Review of situation in regions of Kazakhstan

07.01.2022, 12:40

More than 3,000 people were detained during the anti-terrorist operation in Kazakhstan. 26 armed criminals were eliminated, 18 were wounded. The death toll of law enforcement officers has risen to 18, reports the country's Interior Ministry.

Counter-terrorism operation is being carried out in the Kyzylorda region. To date, 168 people were admitted to the city hospitals, 77 of whom were hospitalized. 38 people are in intensive care.

City infrastructure facilities, the building of Turkistan Saraiy and one of the construction companies, as well as the exhibition center, were severely damaged in Shymkent after the disorders. The emergency response team has now been set up there.

There were no riots in the West Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan and Kostanai regions last night. According to the local authorities, the situation is under control. Civil activists have joined the law enforcement in the Turkistan region. The emergency response team consisting of representatives of law enforcement agencies and chaired by the regional governor is operating there.

The situation in the Akmola region is stable. On the initiative of social activists, people's guards were established there. They help to maintain public order. The main group of protesters in the Atyrau region left the square on their own by the evening of January 6.

The situation in the Almaty region is fully under the control of the local authorities. Measures are being taken to normalize the situation and a regional anti-terrorist response team has been set up. 68 people sought medical assistance and 17 residents were hospitalized amidst the riots.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova