Prosecutor General’s Office initiates criminal cases

07.01.2022, 12:32

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan initiated criminal proceedings in connection with the organization and participation in the riots. A pre-trial investigation has also been launched on the commission of a terrorist act. On the instructions of the President, an interdepartmental investigative task force has been set up in the country for this purpose. It included the most experienced employees of the Interior Ministry, the National Security Committee and other law enforcement agencies under the supervision of a special prosecutor. Punishments under these articles of the criminal code range from eight years’ imprisonment to life imprisonment with deprivation of citizenship.

“The traces of crime are currently being collected and recorded. In this regard, the public is requested to keep the records of the committed offenses on their video cameras and mobile phones. If they have any other information that can help in the crime disclosure, we ask them to contact the call center at 115,” said Rizabek Ozharov, spokesperson for the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova