New Year miracles: Kazakh residents on holiday magic

31.12.2021, 11:20

New Year is a magical time. People in Kazakhstan continue to believe in miracles despite the pandemic in 2021. On the eve of the holiday, we conducted a survey among residents and visitors of the capital and asked them if they were expecting a miracle on New Year? How often do the wishes that they made at midnight come true? What’s interesting is that some people think that their dreams come true thanks to the Santa Claus, others believe that the magic should be created by their own hands, and still others are sure that only close people can give them.

“I made a wish at midnight, and it came true. I bought an apartment, even a small one-room one, but my own and in the capital,” said a city resident.

“My husband is the Santa Claus. I wish he’d love me like 15 years ago,” said a woman.

“Yes believe in Santa? I wish my dream will come true,” said a boy.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova