Kazakh heroic infantry brigades turn 80

30.12.2021, 11:52

The infantry brigades, which were a true heroic example of courage, have turned 80. Two brigades were established on the territory of Kazakhstan in 1941, namely the 100th brigade in Almaty and the 101st brigade in Aktobe. They participated in the ‘Operation Mars’ and the battle of Velikiye Luki near the city of Rzhev, and also resisted the enemy in the great battle under Nevel. Azilkhan Nurshaiykov, Manshuk Mametova, Takhaui Akhtanov and Kassym Sharipov were among them. Young Kazakh men and women showed their real resilience and courage during that time.

“The 100th Rifle Brigade, created in Almaty, was 86-percent Kazakh. It was led by Abylkhair Baimoldin. Among them was Manshuk Mametova, who fell in battle. After the same action, 11 people received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. We must not forget their exploits,” said Marat Absemetov, PhD in history.

"The 100th and 101st brigades entered battle near Rzhev on the same day on November 25, 1942. It was a fierce battle. 80 percent of the soldiers died in just one month..." These are the memoirs of Kaken Abenov, a member of the 100th brigade. Two Kazakh brigades were destroyed in 1942 during the ‘Operation Mars’. However, neither the names nor the feats of the heroes have been forgotten!


Translation and editing by Assem Zhanmukhanova