Kazakh conductor in Uzbekistan

28.12.2021, 12:16

At the age of 35 he headed the National Symphony Orchestra in a foreign country - Alibek Kabdyrakhmanov has been a chief conductor of the leading musical group of Uzbekistan for two years now. Kazakh musician was born and raised in this sunny country, where he also started a family. Together with his wife, Kabdyrakhmanov is raising two children. He admits that he is always incredibly happy to go on tour to his homeland Kazakhstan.

“My parents were also born here in Tashkent. So we already call ourselves Tashkent Kazakhs. My grandparents moved here from Kazakhstan. Most of them came from the city of Guryev, current Atyrau. We all belong to the Adai tribe. I really love my job, and I am very glad that the government entrusted me with the orchestra and gave me the status of the chief conductor. I love what I do here. I like the fact that we have something to strive for and there is room to grow. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we are not standing still. After a slack period, we have resumed touring concerts not only around the country, but also abroad. I am very happy about that,” said Alibek Kabdyrakhmanov, a chief conductor at National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan.

The National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan includes about 80 musicians. Under the direction of the chief conductor, the orchestra continues to delight the sophisticated listeners with its art. Their repertoire consists of classical and contemporary pieces, as well as Kazakh national kyui songs.


Translation and editing by Assem Zhanmukhanova