150,000 children attend free sports and art clubs

22.12.2021, 11:21

Almost 150,000 children in Kazakhstan got the opportunity to participate in sports and art clubs for free. This was made possible by the launch of the per capita funding project. The program was launched in May this year. Almost seven billion tenge (US$16 million) was allocated for sports, and about five billion tenge (US$11.4 million) for the development of children's creativity and self-expression.

“I learned about available sports on Instagram. I just saw the ad and decided to go.  I have been attending classes ever since,” shared pupil Galymzhan Abdykadyrov.

“We currently have about forty children. First, we started training in the Zheruiyk Park. Over time, we were joined by locals from this district. They are now coming to the training hall. We talk to the parents as well, they are all very grateful,” said coach Daniyar Alimussinov.

Experts call the new program a breakthrough and are already talking about the prospects of 100-percent coverage of children with leisure activities.

“Football, karate, chess, swimming and taekwondo clubs are the most popular ones right now. They are leaders in terms of attracting children through per capita funding,” noted Rustem Baiseitov, Head of Sports Department of Almaty City.

“This initiative will also have a positive impact on business. For example, while there were 220 suppliers at the beginning of the program, there are now up to 1,500. There are 71 kinds of sports in the current regulation. However, an analysis is underway on the basis of which another 60 sports should be added,” added Aigul Bektenova, spokesperson for Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

There are also plans to increase the number of art clubs in the country. To that end, the authorities have promised to increase funding for the program several times over the next year.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova