Parliament sums up work of Constitutional Council

20.06.2022, 15:11

The updated Basic Law of the country meets all modern challenges, Chairman of the Constitutional Council Kairat Mami said during the session of the chambers of the Parliament. He announced the results of the 26-year work of the council in the annual address "On the state of constitutional legality in the Republic of Kazakhstan." According to him, a total of over 140 regulatory resolutions have been adopted, while 30 laws and international treaties have been declared unconstitutional. A number of laws, the adoption of which evoked public response, have been found to be in conformity with the Constitution. The Land Code, the current Law "On Political Parties" and others are among them. The amendments adopted at the referendum laid the legal foundations for the further modernization of society and the state. They will contribute to the achievement of the common goals of building a New Kazakhstan, Mami stressed.