Senate adopts law on intellectual property

02.06.2022, 15:41

Kazakh chocolate, Kokshetau ice cream and Lepsinsky honey - domestic producers will now be able to use geographical indications and appellations of origin in their products. This is specified in the intellectual property law. Today it was approved on second reading of the Senate. According to Mazhilis member Gulnar Bizhanova, who was presenting the document, the improvement of legislation in this area was carried out in the context of harmonizing it with international requirements. The new rules will allow almost 9,000 Kazakh authors and copyright holders to receive their due remuneration and will prevent violations of their rights by collective organizations.

“The introduction of a new intellectual property item as a geographical indication is also proposed. This will allow domestic producers to enter world markets with new opportunities. In this case, the reputation and quality of the product will be linked to a certain geographical location. For example, these are Kazakhstan chocolate, Lepsinsky honey, Kokshetau ice cream, Saumal freeze-dried mare’s milk from Osakarov district and much more,” said Gulnar Bizhanova, Member of Mazhilis, Lower House of Kazakh Parliament.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova