Results of 2021: Mazhilis approves 39 bills

29.12.2021, 16:15

Since the beginning of the current session, the Mazhilis has approved and sent 39 bills out of 80 to the Senate. 25 of them have already been signed by the President of Kazakhstan. Mazhilis Chairperson Nurlan Nigmatulin summed up the activities of the lower house of the Kazakh Parliament during this year. The bills on the Human Rights Commissioner, on the judiciary system and the status of judges, as well as the draft law providing for an amnesty on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the country’s Independence, are among those approved by the Mazhilis members. There are also some bills that imply the introduction of new regulatory policies on entrepreneurship and the strengthening of the country's industrial potential.

“Since the beginning of the current session, the members of the Mazhilis have worked out a number of new bills. First and foremost, they are aimed at economic recovery, strengthening the country's industrial potential, ensuring biological security, developing civil society, and, of course, improving the welfare of Kazakh citizens. All these issues form the current agenda and will contribute to the further socio-economic development of our country,” said Nurlan Nigmatulin, Chairperson of Mazhilis, Lower House of Kazakh Parliament.


Translation and editing by Assem Zhanmukhanova