Mazhilis approves draft law on military cooperation of Kazakhstan, Russia

22.12.2021, 15:54

Kazakhstan and Russia will collaborate in the military sector and counter threats to regional security. Mazhilismen approved the ratification of the agreement between the two countries. After the adoption of the new document, the previous one, dated March 28, 1994 will no longer be in force. The new agreements involve joint actions in rapid and combat training, peacekeeping activities, military education, science and improvement of the bilateral regulatory framework. Also, the ratification of the treaty will allow developing the exchange of experience between the defense ministries of the two countries.

“The ratification of the document will help jointly plan the use of troops in the interests of ensuring security and jointly counter threats to regional security, as well as cooperate within the international collaboration and partnership in culture, sports and many other areas. Russia is a strategic partner of Kazakhstan,” said Daryn Tuyakov, Kazakh Deputy Minister of Defense.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova