Environmentally friendly biofuels and fertilizers - new project of Kazakh scientists

20.04.2022, 18:00

Recycling of agricultural waste and its processing - a biogas complex developed by Kazakh scientists was launched in the Almaty region. The plant is mainly made of domestic raw materials and adapted to the local climate. The whole process takes place in special reactors. According to scientists, the resulting gas is absolutely pure. And the rest, the mass itself, is converted into fertilizer. In total, 16 tonnes of biofertilizers and 30 cubic meters of biomethane will be produced per day.

“Biofertilizer is a 100-percent pure product that is useful for increasing crop yields, and for the ground itself. Compared with chemical fertilizer, biofertilizer is more environmentally friendly and pure,” said Salauat Daulbayev, a Chief Project Engineer.

Up until now, Kazakhstan did not have its own technologies for the processing of cattle waste. And foreign analogues could not withstand the sharply continental climate. So, farmers took interest in the new development of domestic scientists. Experts say that such a mobile automated device will improve the efficiency of farms.

“In the southern regions of the country, the crop is harvested two or three times per season. Of course, they need fertilizers there. Moreover, presently, their prices are rising, including for chemical ones. And here we are, offering biofertilizers, which are pure and environmentally-friendly,” said Yedilkhan Amirgaliyev, a Project Manager.

It is a pilot project. The plant will be tested for three years. And then it will be commercialized. The Science Fund allocated 240 million tenge (US$540,541) for the implementation of the biogas complex.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova