Kazakh IT innovation in demand on world markets

21.06.2022 15:49

The digital product of Kazakh developers is getting worldwide recognition. 

Innovation by Kazakh scientists to reduce stroke and heart attack death rate

15.06.2022 16:55

No to heart attacks, strokes and gangrenes. 

Mobile app to regulate road accidents in Kazakhstan

09.06.2022 18:55

Further digitalization of the insurance sector is continuing in Kazakhstan. 

Kazakh biologists clone Red Book plants

01.06.2022 18:06

 For several years now, the biologists of a special laboratory have been successfully breeding willow tree varieties that do not fluff at bloom.

Kazakh scientists’ inventions enter foreign markets

23.05.2022 19:20

One of them is a bone headset for the hearing impaired.

Kazakh scientists develop biomaterial for bone restoration

20.05.2022 12:22

The peculiarity of the domestic development is that hydroxyapatite is produced from ordinary eggshells.

Fruit tree diagnostics system developed in Kazakhstan

05.05.2022 16:48

The new diagnostic system detects the bacterium Erwinia amylovora in plant DNA. 

Dutch company gets interested in Kazakh-made speech recognition system

26.04.2022 18:32

Orken Mamyrbayev’s device is able to recognize two different voices of people talking simultaneously and automatically separate them into two different channels.