Kazakhstan ready to develop monkeypox vaccine

27.05.2022, 10:03

Kazakhstan is ready to develop the vaccine against monkeypox, the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems announced. Kazakh Health Ministry does not rule out the risk of the infection spreading into the country. The World Health Organization has already recorded more than 200 cases in 19 countries. The disease is rapidly spreading around the world.

“Our institute has been dealing with these pox-viruses for many years. Therefore, we can say that we have a great experience. The thing is, cowpox, smallpox and monkeypox are infections of the same group. They have very strong similarities and immune antigenic bonds, so one virus can easily create immunity against another virus. For example, the cow virus is very good at creating immunity against smallpox,” explained Lespek Kutumbetov, Head of Laboratory for Especially Dangerous Infectious Diseases.

In this case, the so-called generic vaccine is implied. Similar immune drugs have been already developed before and have shown their effectiveness.

“I think that if we create a vaccine based on the cow virus and work in an accelerated manner, just like with COVID-19, then the vaccine itself can be developed in six months. And then the preclinical and clinical trials will begin,” Kutumbetov added.

The Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems notes that epidemiologists and doctors have learned how to effectively resist especially dangerous infections. And at present they are able to cope with more serious diseases than monkeypox.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova