Innovative nuclear medicine center opens in Almaty

29.12.2021, 11:07

The first innovative Nuclear Medicine Center opened in Kazakhstan in Almaty city. It is fitted with high-tech equipment capable of making correct diagnosis of cancer patients in the shortest possible time. Medical conclusion is made thanks to the most high-tech screening methods – positron emission and computed tomography. All health research for Kazakh residents will be free. Similar complexes are planned to be opened in Karagandy, Shymkent and Oral.

“The device of the hybrid type works by the method of positron emission tomography, which means a computer is the device combined with tomography. In general, this allows studying the body, both at the molecular and cellular levels. And also, first of all, in 90 percent of cases, it helps investigate oncological diseases, diagnose them, show the effectiveness of the treatment provided and change the sequence of treatment in time,” said Alisher Temirzhanuly, Head of Radioisotope Diagnostics Department.


Translation and editing by Saniya Sakenova