German businesspeople ready to invest in Kazakhstan’s economic diversification projects

02.09.2022, 18:36

German entrepreneurs are ready to invest in Kazakhstan`s projects aimed at economic diversification and decarbonization, Ariel Porat, Senior Vice President of the German energy company, said. It bears noting that the tech giants of Germany support Kazakhstan's course towards reducing commodity dependence, macroeconomic stability and the growth of innovation.

“So, we definitely support the President Tokayev`s initiative to reduce the sharing of generation production from coal, to be moved into gas, to be moved into renewables. We definitely want to be more present in the renewable area there. And, there we talk a lot about combine cycles, for example for Almaty moving from coal into gas is very important. Kazakhstan is one of the top 10 countries with potential for green hydrogen economy. And, this is something we definitely support. And, the third topic I would like to mention, we are very active is of course the infrastructure and the reliability of infrastructure of gas and oil. We need to discuss and make sure that we remember the trilemma of the energy, the reliability, availability and sustainability of electricity,” said Porat.