Kazakh government takes measures to address diesel fuel shortage

31.08.2022, 19:47

Kazakhstan sees a shortage in diesel fuel. The factors that affected this were identified by the Commission specially created on the instructions of the country’s Prime Minister. Thus, one of the main reasons is a significant increase in fuel consumption by foreign transit transport. The second reason is the export of diesel fuel from Kazakhstan to neighboring states. It is more expensive there than in Kazakhstan. For example, while in Kazakhstan it costs 230 to 260 tenge per liter, then at gas stations of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia the price reaches 440 tenge. In addition, there were recorded cases of domestic tank farms selling diesel fuel to gas stations at prices higher than the retail price. This has led to the reduction of reserves in the regions of the country. The Kazakh government took a number of prompt and long-term measures to stabilize the situation. Increased production, agreement on additional fuel supplies and a phased transition to the new refinery operation scheme are among them.