Kazakh inventors create project to improve freight transport

17.06.2022, 17:12

An innovative solution for logistics companies. Kazakh developers created a specialized system based on artificial intelligence. It is aimed at optimizing logistics processes. That is, the distribution of wagons is automated through mathematical modeling algorithms, while the human factor is reduced. The innovative IT solution will not only significantly speed up cargo transportation, but will also be cost-effective. The MultiCode system will ensure that the wagons do not stand idle. The smart scheduler has already been implemented in a private logistics company. In the near future, innovative development will be presented abroad.

“We studied the market, the existing technologies and came up with the most optimal solution, which will be able to make these calculations in the shortest possible time. In the first models, the calculations took five to six hours. Now we can make a plan for the month in two-three minutes. We plan to scale. In the event that our softlaunch with the first multimodal company is successful, we can start planning the sale of this product to railway companies. The market is huge. The CIS countries use about 1.5 million cars,” said the project author Anuar Sarsembinov.