Sea traffic through Kazakhstan grows

01.06.2022, 17:02

The volume of traffic through the Kazakhstan’s sea ports has doubled. For example, over 1.2 million tonnes of cargo was transported through the Aktau port in the first quarter of this year. Kazakhstan exports grain, coal, oil products, fertilizers, chemicals and much more goods to other countries. The port is open all year round for ships of all types. There can be 2,500 containers on open storage areas.

“We created an association of the Trans-Caspian international transport route that includes all participants of this process. Naturally, we expand all narrow spaces along this entire route. We could have increased our throughput together by 20 percent thanks to digitalization, simplification of customs procedures and more accelerate processes,” said Abai Turikpenbayev, President, Aktau Sea Trade Port.

Cars, food, industrial equipment, construction materials are imported in Kazakhstan through the Kuryk port. Electronics, textiles, metal products are hauled in transits. The infrastructure here is divided by road and rail berths. The capacity of the latter is 4 million tonnes per year. Both berths can serve 4 ferries at the same time. Cargo traffic is processed on the principle of one-stop.

“Last month we tripled our volumes. This means three times more cars, three times more wagons and, accordingly, weight parameters. It is also the transport of vehicles. The whole logistics of Turkey is based on cars, and we also put a lot of emphasis on creating a corridor for euro trucks,” said Serik Akhmetov, General Director, Kuryk Port.

Another component of many international corridors is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea. Cargo from the Aktau marine north terminal is mainly transported in the direction of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan.



Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova