Kazakhstan’s new industrialization map for 2022

28.04.2022, 15:14

91 projects totaling one and a half trillion tenge entered the new industrialization map of Kazakhstan for 2022. It is now under discussion at the platform ‘Open legal acts’. Most of the facilities will be located in southern and central Kazakhstan. This list includes facilities of textile, pharmaceutical industries and a plant for the production of construction materials, which are planned to be built in Shymkent. The city intends to launch a waste recycling plant to produce non-ferrous metal concentrate. Meanwhile, the capital and Akmola region are preparing to open a house-building factory, concrete, brick and asphalt plants. Also, a confectionery factory, several entities for the processing of poultry meat, fish, and semi-finished products. Projects in agriculture, processing and the automotive industry will be implemented in northeastern regions. Four large plants for the production of transport equipment in Kostanai region also entered the industrialization map. In the western part of the country, entrepreneurs are set to establish a gas chemical complex for the production of polypropylene.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova