RES increases electricity production in Kazakhstan by 30%

22.04.2022, 16:43

Over four billion kilowatt-hours of electricity were generated by renewable energy facilities  in Kazakhstan in 2021. Most of the energy came from wind - 1.8 billion kWh and solar - 1.6 billion kW, and only then from hydro and bio-installations. According to the country’s Energy Ministry, in 2022 the output indicators will be much higher, including due to the commissioning of 10 stations. Another 11 renewable energy facilities will start operating in 2023.

“We mainly have solar facilities. We’ve gone overboard with them. So we are now putting more emphasis on wind farms. Because their efficiency is higher than solar and others. But of course, we also focus on hydroelectric power plants, as they provide the maneuvering power that is necessary in order to close peak loads in the evening and at night, and so on. Therefore, the sun and the wind are  a good thing, but it’s not a stable energy. That’s what the maneuvering power in the form of a hydroelectric plant is for,” said Alma Zhukenova, Deputy Director, Renewable Energy Department, Kazakh Energy Ministry.

All RES projects are implemented with the attraction of foreign investments. Long-term contracts have been signed with dozens of companies from 10 countries.

“You probably know that we have had an auction mechanism since 2018. And companies can participate in the implementation of renewable energy projects through the country's auction mechanism. Thus, from 2018 to 2021, 196 companies from 12 countries of the world participated in our auctions. Applications exceeded twice against what was put up. It is also encouraging that not only large investors, but also big oil companies have come to the market,” said Alma Zhukenova, Deputy Director, Renewable Energy Department, Kazakh Energy Ministry.

Kazakhstan intends to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the total energy system to 6 percent by 2025 and to 15 percent by 2030.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova